22nd March 2014

It is good to be busy and thankfully some of that busy has been with taking photographs. Getting back to the blog once again!

Most of my photography since Christmas has been around Naas. Recently it was our daughters mid term break from school so I took the same week off from the day job. A few mornings I got up early to see what wildlife I could come across.


I spent a few weeks photographing the swans taking off and landing on the lakes up at Lakelands in Naas. I was experimenting with settings to get the motion frozen and the picture sharp. Up to this shot I would have been reluctant to raise the ISO very high. Having looked at other wildlife shots I think with good light having a high ISO does not mean you will get a lot of grain in the shot. The high ISO for this shot meant I could have a high shutter speed and an fstop that meant what is in focus is sharp.

Settings: ISO 1000, f6.3, 313mm, 1/1250sec.

Swan at Lakelands in Naas.
Swan at Lakelands in Naas.



Along the canal near Tandy’s bridge there is a wildlife sanctuary just over the wall along the canal. It is not unusual to see a squirrel now and again. These two young squirrels were further down the canal running through the hedge. Again I had the ISO high to allow for a high shutter speed.


Settings : ISO 2000, f7.1, 500mm, 1/1000sec.


Adding this to Kent Weakley’s Sweet Shot Tuesday.

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

26th March 2013

Last weekend I decided not to go far from the home town in search of photograph. I decided to get up early on Sunday and go for a walk along the canal at the back of Naas. The idea was to check out what wildlife was around. Regularly along the canal bank there are posters put up by Irish Wildlife on what you can expect to see living around the canal. Unfortunately there was no sign of Foxes, Otters or the Grey Heron that is a regular sight normally. The lack of wildlife may have been related to the fact that it was very cold and after about 30 minutes I was beginning to wonder what I was doing down there as well! I then noticed this little Robin was watching me intently and seemed very happy to pose for me 🙂


Settings : ISO 1600, 300mm, f5.6, 1/40sec. I had the ISO up high as it was very cloudy and the Robin was in the shelter of the hedge.

Robin Watching Me!


Adding this to Kent Weakley Sweet Shot Tuesday.
P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley