27th August 2013

The holidays were so good I had to share more photographs 🙂

The last day in Edinburgh we spent in the Zoo. We had hoped to see the Panda’s but the viewing slots were all booked up by the time we got there. The Penguin enclosure is fantastic. They have a huge swimming area, hatching area, creche and they have several species of Penguins.


Singing in the shower!
Singing in the shower!


This Penguin I think is an Emperor but forgot to check the information boards before we left.


Edinburgh Penguin
Edinburgh Penguin


After Edinburgh we made our way down the east coast of Scotland and England down to Alnwick. The castle in Alnwick has been in the Percy family for 700 years and there is a great historical tour of the castle. The Percy family still use it to live in during the Winter. The court yard in Alnwick castle was used in the first Harry Potter film where the students learned to fly on broomsticks for the first time.

Alnwick Castle
Internal Courtyard of Alnwick Castle


After Alnwick we made our way down to Durham. The cloisters in the cathedral in Durham were used in several of the Harry Potter films. The cathedral is an active church and again has a lot of history to it, you could spend all day learning about the it. All the children running around though were fascinated with the fact they were in the cloisters that Harry Potter had been in !

Durham Cathedral
One of the Steeples of Durham Cathedral


Harry Potters Walk 🙂

Harry Potter's Walk
Harry Potter’s Walk

Adding this to Sweet Shot Tuesday.
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