5th August 2015

Between the day job keeping me busy and finding it hard to decide what to photograph recently I decided to return to where I had restarted my photography in 2010.

Glendalough is one of my favourite places in Ireland with happy memories from my childhood and then with my own family. It is a really popular spot with tourists and during the holiday season it can get extremely busy.

I went across last Monday morning as it was a bank holiday here in Ireland. It is such a peaceful spot early in the morning and I felt myself completely relax as I took in the whole scene. With the sky so cloudy I did work on taking the shot as a potential black and white shot. Would really like to hear what you think of it. I dont know how the branch got there but I think it really makes the scene.


Upper Lake Glendalough
Inspiration Revisited

Adding this to Kent Weakley’s Sweet Shot Tuesday.

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley