9th of January 2013

I am a little behind with doing a weekly blog but working on it. Last year I did an online course in Night Photography with Kent Weakly and found it very good. One of the areas covered was the blue hour. This is the time after the sun goes down when the sky is clear that you can get some nice shots with buildings that are lit up.

The shot is of our local parish church in Naas. The main body of the church dates from 1827 with the spire dating from 1858. It is in the middle of the town with primary and secondary schools either side of it.

I took the shot Tuesday evening as unusually for Ireland we had a clear evening sky in January! I also used a Cokin Graduated Grey filter (ND4) to emphasise the sky. Settings were ISO 200, 18mm, F18 and 20seconds. 


Naas Parish Church

3 thoughts on “9th of January 2013”

    1. Nikhilesh,

      thanks for the comment. I was lucky to be outside the church just at the right time. Ten minutes later the sky was too dark.



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