3rd June 2013

Hide and seek the DIY way!

My wife bought a bird feeder last week and watching the activity around it I figured it must be possible to get some photographs.

At first I thought, right I need to buy a cheap hide to let me get close to the bird feeder and went straight to the source of all great value on the internet… ebay. Pausing for a second I thought wait now, lets work with what I have. So one rabbit hutch (rabbit only uses it under protest), spade, stake and a very questionable old duvet cover later…hey presto DIY hide for free! At the end of the blog I have included one picture of the hide for those of you who are interested.

I would like to thank John Rapple for helping identify the birds in the shots.

The birds in this shot are Common House Sparrows. There were a lot of them around this morning and they really enjoyed the food put out. I did set the ISO high to keep the shutter speed high in attempt to freeze movement. One thing I did learn is if your lens has stabilisation built in and you are using a tripod switch off the stabilisation as it slows down the shooting process slightly.

Settings : ISO 800, 300mm, f5.6, 1/160sec.

Tree Sparrow 5
Common House Sparrows


Starling and Common House Sparrow. These two did not share the tray for very long with the Starling taking over for a few minutes.

Settings : ISO 800, 300mm, f5.6, 1/160sec

Tree Sparrow Starling 1
Common House Sparrow  & Starling


Common House Sparrow on its own.  It was a bit later in the morning so I was able to lower the ISO which I think does make the picture a little sharper.

Settings : ISO 400, 300mm, f5.6, 1/250sec


Tree Sparrow
Common House Sparrow


I will add more bird pictures during the week. As promised here is the high quality hide!! As this was taken with my mobile phone I have no settings.

Hide Completed
Hide Completed


My animal library has these pictures and others here Animal World


Adding this to Sweet Shot Tuesday.
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